Kraft Laminated Bag

It is a kind of PP woven bag with laminated Kraft paper, to create a PP bag with laminated Kraft paper. Kraft paper is printed by Flexo printing technology, details, images and contents are printed directly on the surface of Kraft paper. With outstanding features such as catching good ink, high gloss, when printing, the ink adheres closely to the surface of Kraft paper, does not peel off ink.

Manufacturing process: Plastic beads → (Thread pulling) → (Weaving)
Characteristics: PP woven paper is used to assemble kraft paper, mainly white cloth, large fiber fabric
Printing technology: Mainly flexo printing directly onto the cover surface
Types of Kraft paper: Kraft paper has many types: Japanese kraft, Russian kraft, Korean Kraft, Vietnam Kraft ... each type of paper has different colors, specific characteristics

pplication: cement bags, putty bags, colored bags, plastic bags, etc.

Instructions for using PP-coated PP bags

Use the packaging according to the prescribed load, storage process, according to the original packaging structure to match the product contained inside.

How to store in storage: store in a cool, dry place, avoid rain and sun, reduce the durability of packaging.

How to lay a layer when the product packaging has: up to 10 layers, the layers lined up neatly, so that the force is evenly distributed.

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