BOPP Laminated Bags

BOPP laminated packaging is a multi-layer and high-class plastic packaging line applied to a wide range of commodity products, including gravure BOPP layer laminated with PP woven fabric through PP coated plastic.

Type: BOPP laminated single-side, double-side
Size (mm): Width 300-800 - Length: as per requirement
Weight (g/m2): 80-185
Tensile strength at break (kg/5cm): Max 120- Min 30
Elongation (%): Max 25- Min 25
Printing (Color/layer): Max 9 color

Widely used in agriculture: fertilizer, seed, rice packaging, seafood, animal feed, in industry: construction additives, chemicals, …

Instructions for using BOPP film envelope

Use the packaging according to the prescribed load, storage process, according to the original packaging structure to match the product contained inside.

How to store in storage: store in a cool, dry place, avoid rain and sun, reduce the durability of packaging.

How to lay a layer when the product packaging has: up to 10 layers, the layers lined up neatly, so that the force is evenly distributed.

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