VLC Packaging Joint Stock Company uses a modern and high-speed system of equipment to create good products of quality, variety of types and models to meet the most rigorous requirements of customers. :

  • Machinery and equipment: The company has used equipment and machines of Hengli (China) and Lohia (India) under the franchise of Stalinger (Austria) to ensure product quality and machine speed. High, diverse designs of products.
  • Product quality: meet the strict requirements of customers.
  • Spinning stage: The high speed spinning line from 250m / min to 380m / min.
  • Weaving stage: Six shuttle circular loom. High-speed weaving machine 180 rpm
  • Laminating stage: The line can be PP coated or simultaneously coated and laminated with BOPP, CPP film with the speed of 160m / min and automatic vertical and horizontal deflection adjustment to ensure the quality of laminated products is high quality and productivity.
  • Printing stage: Flexo technology simultaneously 2 colors 8 sides, overlapping images correctly. Roll printing speed reaches 80m / min.
    Cutting, sewing: A semi-automatic sewing line with a speed of 45 bags / minute.